Who We Are

Dancers Rising is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community to improve the arts and education.  We are committed to leveling the playing field in both dance education and higher education for all student dancers so that they will have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Currently, we are working with high school student dancers in underserved communities within Minnesota to provide opportunities for access to colleges and universities and dance training.  Read “Our Mission” and “Our Programs” for more information about the types of opportunities we are providing.

The students we have worked with so far as part of our programs have been simply amazing.  Each dancer is unique and has her/his own story of overcoming adversity and triumph.  Some are from low-income and impoverished families.  Most are first-generation college students.  Some are from single parent families.  Some have had to overcome educational, socioeconomic and racial barriers.  Some are part of supportive middle class families working tirelessly to send all of their kids to college. Some live in rural and out-state areas with limited opportunities for college counseling and dance training. But the common thread is that each student loves to dance, is committed to excellence and improvement in their dance ability, and has used dance as a way to better themselves and inspire others.  As we continue our programs, we hope to share some of their inspirational stories with you.

As we grow, we hope to expand our programs to reach more students in the state.  We hope to bring the joy of dance to many more who may not otherwise be able to afford it.  We aim to provide the best quality academic counseling and support services so that our students can use their talent and intelligence to achieve the dream of earning a college degree to excel in their role as our next generation of leaders.