Our Programs


We offer high quality college counseling, access and dance education services and programs to dancers, with a focus on students with financial need, in underserved or underrepresented communities and/or first generation college students.

Our Dance Education Programs

At Dancers Rising, we believe that student dancers can achieve excellence and inspire others through doing what they love, which is to dance.  So we aim to provide opportunities for dancers with financial need to continue development of their dance and teamwork skills, and to motivate them to improve their artistic and athletic dance abilities.  We promote and support dance training, education, sportsmanship, teamwork and dance performance as a core part of student dancers’ lives.

We offer the following dance education programs:

  • Educational counseling services for dancers to learn about
    • college and university dance and musical theater B.F.A and B.A. degrees and dance programs
    • college and university dance-related degrees and programs, such as dance medicine, dance physical therapy, dance movement and therapy, applied dance, and dance business/entrepreneurship
    • various issues affecting dancers and the dance community, including diversity, innovation and community building, and
    • dancer health, well-being and safety
  • Dance mentoring and need-based dance scholarships to attend camps, studios, intensives and other dance training programs
  • Volunteer and community service opportunities using dance to inspire others
  • Field trips for families to attend professional dance performances to increase exposure to and learn more about all styles of dance

Our College Counseling and Access Programs

At Dancers Rising, we strongly believe that pursuing high-quality higher education and getting a college degree from a student’s “best fit” college will elevate all students and empower them to live a better life.  The steps to getting that college degree, however, are not so simple to figure out.  Our goal is to assist dancers in reaching their educational goals, whether those goals be in dance or a more traditional degree.

We offer the following college counseling and access services and college readiness programs*:

  • Personalized academic advising and planning services
  • Career guidance services
  • Helping dancers find the “best fit” college for them to achieve their goals
  • Mentoring services from 8th grade through college graduation
  • Volunteer, community service and leadership opportunities
  • Academic tutoring
  • ACT and SAT prep opportunities
  • College visits and field trips
  • Assistance with college admissions applications and essays
  • Personalized financial aid advising and planning services for families to understand the range of grants, scholarships, federal and state aid, and other financial resources available for college
  • Assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications, essays and interviews
  • Assistance with audition/portfolio review process for dancers pursuing a B.F.A. or B.A. in dance to dance professionally and/or to receive talent-based college scholarships in dance or performance

*We primarily offer these services to youth, however, we will also offer these services for a limited number of professional dancers looking to transition out of their dance career and pursue a bachelor’s or graduate degree later in life.